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LA 908 *****

La.908 is a levee road along the Black River. It is in the water locked area below US 84 and west of La.15, southwest of Ferriday and south of Jonesville.

Below, 908 is pictured. Disregard the "909" reference. The swamp is no doubt the Black's back swamp.
I can't wait to get back up there.

LA 129 *****

La.129 lies below US 84 and west of La.15. It stretches from the confluence of the Red and Black Rivers to US 84.

New Era, Monterey, Delhoste and Eva are some of the communities with Monterey being the largest.
A revisit to the area is in order. These pictures are from an old one.

LA 910 *****

La.910 is a secret. It leads to the confluence of the Red and Black Rivers, a very powerful place. 910 actually ends but it turns into a deep gravel road atop the Red River levee. It is the worst washboard road I've ever ridden and it is endless. Nevertheless, if you do not visit the confluence by way of La. 129 which meets the gravel road at the spot, it is worth it. The Black is a serious river whose main contributor is the Quachita, originating in the Quachita Mountains of central Arkansas. Here's 910, starting at La.15, below Shaw and above the big Black Hawk ranch.

Links mentioning LA 910:

I don't have any links anymore. Here are some pictures to hold you over.

If you ask a local if anything is down the road, they'll tell
you "no". I have a feeling the area is considered personal.
Here's the hell road in January.

This is the confluence. The Black comes in from the right or north.
The Red is coming from the west, straight ahead. The combo
is a much bigger river which eventually turns into the Atchafalaya.
Next, the Atchafalaya takes on 1/3 of the Mississippi's non flood

LA 15 *****

Louisiana 15, now here's a good one. It is not only interesting, but a great tool for crossing a good bit of the state. I've used it to access north central La. from my home in south La, all in one day. It is one that should be ridden at least once. First here's a map showing how it runs.

It begins at La.1 at a wide place in the road named Keller. From there it runs north through the cotton fields and takes up residence next to the Mississippi River to a point south of Ferriday, La. on US 84. Next it shoots north and then northwest, finally ending at Monroe. There is stuff between Keller and Monroe.

Links mentioning LA 15:

On one of my railroad hunts to North La. I came home by way of 15. This page is where we picked up 15 in Ferriday and we took it to its end. I was showing Al the points of interest along the way so it will do double duty here. CLICK Here for that page. It is the tail end of a long ride on History Hunts, Pacton to Ferriday

Another good page for seeing the lower portion of 15 is this one. CLICK HERE. This is the first page of this ride so you can continue on it if you want. Doesn't cost anything.

La.15 into Sicily Island from Ferriday is 4 lane. From what I saw of it, running it into Sicily Island, it is murderously boring. At Sicily Island, it may change. I had to leave it and hit La.8 going home as time was flying faster than I was. 15, from Sicily Island to Monroe may be a hoot. I just can't tell you right now.

I'm on to other roads right now, but I may return with added stuff, so check back often.

LA 121 *****

La.121 is a good one. It traverses the forest and Red River bottom land. Combined with La.8 it makes a great loop. I use it as a bypass of Alexandria.

LA 490 *****

La.490 heads up the hill west of La.1. across from Chopin. It is a gorgeous ride but be prepared for a bad surface. It ends. The ride to 119 can be continued on "local" roads. Be prepared for gravel. The map is of the area northwest of Alexandria, La.

LA 124 *****

Here's another great north central La. ride It ranges from the lowlands of the Black River to highlands and back to the Quachita River Valley. A great place to visit is the Jim Bowie Restaurant at Enterprise. Harrisonburg is an interesting town with a Civil War cemetery. There is a local Civil War location nearby.

First of all, I have never been on La.124 south of Jonesville. It will be my next adventure. I want to see if I can get from where the highway ends over to La.107 and back down to Marksville which is only100 miles from home. This may work if not blocked by hunting clubs.

Back to north of US 84:

Coming from Jonesville on US 84, 124 starts as a flat land
tour of oxbow lakes. The pictures below were plucked from
an old Two Wheelin' La. article.

Arriving at Harrisonburg.

Another piece of the Civil War puzzle was placed on the board.

The fort was up the hill overlooking the river or where
the river once was.

I remember the step on the tower were very "soft".

This was my target on this trip. I was in the process
of riding every ferry I could find.

This Quachita River Valley holds some big water.

This was coming into Enterprise.

Disregard the slide show reference. It did work on the website.

I looked to my left being taken off to the Smokey Mtns.

This place was original. It was down the road.

I ended up in Jena and it was 5pm and I was very far from home.
The ride had been worth the job of getting back. La.124 is the
low road. 126 is the high road. Check that road out.

LA 565 *****

La.565 connects Deer Park, La.15 with Montgomery, La.129.
It is a link to this peninsula that hangs below US 84 which
crosses north central La. from Vidalia westward. This is
hunting country. La.129 is a real beauty.

Links mentioning LA 565:

All gone.

The one real beauty spot is where 565 crosses Cocodrie Bayou.
Yes, it's another Cocodrie Bayou, not the one northwest of
Turkey Creek.

LA 126 ******

Traveling from Jonesville on US 84, to Columbia on US 165? For thrills, this is the way to go. After crossing La.8, the ride is a roller coater all the way to Grayson. From Grayson to Columbia is 45 mph. Do it or your next stop will be the courthouse in Columbia.

US 84

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LA 123 *****

La.123 connects US 167 with La.8 which connects to US 71
above Alexandria.

La.123 is one fine road. It crosses the Kisatchie National Forest
in a diving and soaring roller coaster. What condition it is in is
unknown because it's been too damn long since I rode it. I may
have a few pictures, but they are lost. You don't stop and take
pictures on La.123. Coincidence would have it that Arkansas
123 is a likewise a fine road. Too damn long undone there, also.

Links mentioning LA 123:
No links remain. It was ridden as part of the Georgetown ride.
One picture was taken at Breezy Hill, then the fun began.

LA 524

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LA 115

La.115, 60.4 miles.

115 is another road of transition. From Bayouland to Upland Forest, it's along this historic road.

LA 1178

La.1178, 7.5 miles.

This road connects US 71 with Evergreen on La.29.
It rides along Bayou Rouge, a historic steamboat conduit.
But you wouldn't know it now. The bayou does not hint
of its former self until you reach Evergreen.

LA 500 *****

500 cuts across the forest from US 167 at Packton to US 84 above Jena. It follows what was the Louisiana & Arkansas RR, later the Louisiana Midland. Al and I used it to its fullest during our investigation of those RR's. It's a backwoods La. highway. That doesn't tell you much but it is paved and probably dangerous during hunting season.

This is downtown Georgetown, the midway point.

Next is the famous Little River Bridge east of

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The Packton to Ferriday Ride (man up and do the
whole thing) Click Here.

LA 457

More later.

LA 114


Beat the traffic on La.1 south of Marksville and see some
scenery and great old towns on 114, about 12 miles long.
For train chasers, it follows the KS main line once west
of Hessner.