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In this imperfect setting with only the sound of the ceiling fan's low whine I have dived into a folder marked as "Distribute These Pictures".  I gently opened  it up and found hundreds of mysterious packets, many of which bore the name, "New Folder" followed by a large number.   I felt like one of the TV "Pickers" opening the door of a packed barn complete with snakes and rats. Below are a few of the pictures I either liked because they  conveyed some worth in some sorted department or for no reason at all.

As they say in Choo Choo Land,
"Here we Go"
It  begins with my search, "Mediocre Train Pictures".
The first 3 are mine.
I was thrilled.

Lets move on. These are big pictures. You can probably click them to get em bigger.
I'll just tell you where they are and not much more.
My days of linking history and priceless ancillary information are gone.
 The labels are on top of the pictures which makes more sense.

Lafayette, La., south of the station.  The Sunset Limited is headed to New Orleans.
This was taken in back of Girami Furniture's warehouse. 

Two of a Kind w/ Baggage

Old Cars > Lafayette

These pictures were taken after the Norfolk Southern and the Sunset Limited crewmen got into a fight.

The Patout Spur
Patoutville, La.
Enterprise Sugar Mill. 
These were taken from the engine I was on.

One of Louisiana & Delta's mountain women next to the old weigh station at the New Iberia Depot
The weigh station is gone and now automated.
Mz Mountain Laurel may be gone or in a new identity.

Another L&D Import

A mundane Louisiana & Delta tug looking sharp at the Lafayette Yard.

The Happy Little Engine at Terry, Mississippi.
She has Louisiana roots.
Why is she happy?
She's not scrap metal.

Bleakness at the historic Schriever, La. depot.
Landscaping is a little wanting.

Here's a cheat sheet for your next RR Engine Quiz.

Acadiana's (AKDN) Gateway Western 1500 north of Ville Platte, La.
I chased this engine from VP to Bunkie.
Best Chase ever.

Franklin, La.

That Ain't Workin' ... That's the Way You Do It ....

What happened next I can't show.

OK, he ran into the engine bumping his head.

 Baldwin, La. Snow Day

I have no idea.
But "67" is depressing.
The alternative would be even more so.

Big Boys come to Statesman St.'s AKDN Yard.
Opelousas, La.
This was the old Texas & Pacific Yard on the northwest side of town.

Them backing  UP

 "U-P", did you get that joke?

Crossing Courtableau, the Atchafalaya Basin, US 190
Actually it is Bayou Darbonne, but let's not get technical.

The Black & Pink SP Engine is in the Livonia Stable.
The SP family is accepting of Pinky's orientation as you should be.
But, if he tries to turn other engines pink, he's out of here.

My wife shot this picture from the slowing  Sunset while crossing the Mermentau River at Mermentau, La.
Up there was the railroad wharf that collapsed killing a man from Lafayette.
Oops, the history note slipped out.

She did this one also.   She has no idea where it was taken. She thinks she was on a train.

My guess is Beaumont, Tex.

This was in Beaumont.
Mike Wilson spoke of his father visiting with the T&P's head man in his personal car.
Could this be it?

Taken off the wall in the San Antonio Depot.

As was this one and the one below.

This depot was in Devers, Texas, just west of Houston where the hill country begins.

Rock Island RR (CRIP) trestle north of Eunice, La.

Two War Bonnets and a Mac BNSF east of Jeanerette, La.
I learned about "Macs" when I noticed they were "wingless".

KCS Slump Back in War Bonnet Clothes at Lafayette, La.

David Ellzey's famous Avery Island picture featuring L&D 1200.
I have a recent picture of her. Actually several.
The last one was of her trapped between 2 large BNSF engines being dragged off to the east.
There was noting I could do. They were bigger than I am.

 Here is her shop picture:
 I caught 1200 at the shop in New Iberia.
(a less famous shot)
It wears a "Remote Controlled" caution sign.

 Climbing the hill east of Opelousas, La.

The very historic Southern Pacific railroad overpass at very historic Washington, La

AKDN 701 working Crowley, La.

 Between the hoops, Crowley.

Classic shot of a La. Plains train, Crowley to Eunice.

That will be one dollar to park.

Mowata, La. The Plains cannot be left out.

Nor can the tank car plant at Ville Platte.
A lot of old machinery is still working.

Add one more.

Ville Platte: Headed north.

Railroad District Leesville, La.

Bridges, Simmesport, La.
The Edenborn Rail  / Auto Bridge in the background.

Depot Location, Lettsworth, La.

 Undocumented Hump

Working the carbon black plant north of Ville Platte.

A rare find for me,  a Cotton Belt engine.

Working at Grosse Tete, La.

Above Grosse Tete

Grosse Tete
For those that count, it's Mile Post 101.06, the reason for this picture.
MP's are very important to train radio listeners such as myself.

Headed across the Basin at Grosse Tete.
Bayou Grosse Tete Bridge

 Getting Ready to cross the  wilderness between Grosse Tete and the Marley Bridge northwest of Addis.

 Hitched up and moving out.

 X SP Leading the way across the Basin

Maybe next time we'll go over to the Morley Bridge.
That's it for this stirring collection of mediocre pictures.