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New Iberia Again

Into New Iberia ... again.
Like in all history rich locations you never find it all. .. anyway  ... what is left.
Just west of the historic depot is this old business. Its name is "Walet ...." The 
name is interesting because "Walet" was  a stop on the Missouri Pacific above
Loreauville. A connection, who knows?  The old building did catch my attention
as possibly "rail related".

 A bit  more looking into the lot.

 I thought I heard an old steam engine coming into town.
 No, a product of the heat, no doubt,  but a little later the Sunset did arrive. 
That is also spooky. LZ has said he thought that the "Bloody Nose" Amtrak engine was ."AMTK 157
  or 156". It was 156, but what should show up but 157.
Weird, but not uncommon. Not being weird is uncommon.

 A woman's voice was on the radio. As I took the shot she said, "What's cookin' good lookin"?
I answered, "Me," since the temp was indexing at 105F.   Look closely.
She has AMTK issued "shades" on.

The area has been cleaned up quite a bit.

 Soon she was off to New Orleans.
Notice the crossing lights configuration.
 The "baggage car" must have been reinstated.
 I attempted a shot at the Chicken Place.  That failed.
 Stretching out on Old US 90, east New Iberia.

The speed limit is 35. I kept passing her up and had to slow to 25.
Cars behind me honked until I raised the camera.
Then they passed me up giving me what I believe to be the "thumbs up" salute.
Might have been another finger?

 Heading back east I heard a horn.  I didn't know where it was coming from.
It was an L&D train coming up from either The Port, the Avery Island Spur, or Abbeville.
Those routes are very very old.

 She was ditching her train and headed for bed.

 An important observation. There is now a crossing gate on Jefferson St. Forever there has been only a "Yield" sign. That was insane.
 Exiting town.
 One was poised to go east.  I was headed west.
The End.

The Sunset Route

No high adventure here.
Just another lap around the track.

A single engined multicolored container train waited at Cade.
There  were some garbled exchanges on the radio.

The container train was headed west.
She was broken into two parts to allow for 
the crossing at Captain Cade Road.

From Captain Cade looking south down the big hill into the ancient valley of the Mississippi River.

Below was taken as I passed the cut off cars (above)  headed south  toward New Iberia.

Her lights were not on and she could have been 
"tied up" for all I knew.

I headed to Burleigh Rd just above Jeanerette.
At Patout Jct. a train sat on the  siding.

 I tried to figure out the "light".
Was it a train or the sun shinning through the tree covered rails down at Jeanerette?

I decided to go to Burleigh Road. 
I've been coming  here for years.
I don't know why I come back.
The road is officially closed.
I have no idea what that means.
Here are the required shots from the Burleigh Crossing.

Nothing happening with the rumored passing track.

Then I heard that the passenger train was having problems
or the problems were solved.
Anyway, the freight crew were told to put the 
train back together and be ready to roll after 
the passenger train passed.
So, I headed back to Cade.

Backing to join  up.
 The crossing was blocked for a while

Eldridge, the conductor, returned to the engine.

I ran back to New Iberia to try to catch the passenger train at the station.
I had to pull over on Washington Rd. because here she came and she 
was gaining speed.

 The newly tried "burst" setting on the camera worked fairly well.

I kicked it into gear and tried to catch her.
Nothing doing.

Arriving in Lafayette, she was still stopped at the station.

I waited at the BR Jct. near N.Pierce.

Here she came.
This time "burst did not work well.

 It does not let you see what the second and third shot are.
Reality was a bit shocking.

I knew the freight would be close behind.
How close? 
Real close.
I had hoped to catch it coming up the hill at Alligator Pt.
I had to settle for Jefferson St.
Here it is passing the station.

It was getting hot and I'd had enough trains and being  outside.
So, this one is done.
No excitement at the finish line.
I know, that was "weak" and they are getting "weaker".  
So is this sprinter.