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Very often this publication ventures into the unknown and unsuspected. We ask questions here at History Hunts, some of which are never answered or understood. From time to time I am privileged to have real experts at my disposal to mull over some of these interrogatories. Recently, I was doing the Melville to Simmesport track and found this contraption near the rails. Neither Alphonso or I could figure out what it was so I tapped that bank of experts. Most shook their head, but not Professor Lueck. Within a minute's time he responded not only with an answer but a question, a maddening thing that scholars do, but that's their job.

Here's the subject, located off La.105 and near the extinct rails of the T&P.

Here's my question, "What is it"?

Here's his answer, "Landing pad for space vehicles piloted by aliens looking for their relatives who were moved from New Mexico to Camp Claiborne?".

He could have only surmised this by seeing other such devices. I may have failed to correctly identify its location to him or he was confused as he is getting up in age. It is miles, in fact, parishes, away from Camp Claiborne. Frankly, this revelation is chilling. Possibly the next question is, where are the underground passageways? The rails here were removed in 1952, a year after their presence, which he noted in a previous exchange, had been seen at Claiborne. There is something else. The picture I took and downloaded from my camera is numbered "051" as in "Area 51", exactly what Professor Lueck meant when he said, "moved from New Mexico". The picture numbering is too weird to be an accident. Could the triangulated forces, Mr.Mod, Professor Lueck and myself, come together to expose a connection that spanned Louisiana and, indeed, possibly the galaxy. Was the numbering of the photo manipulated from the galaxy?

On a related subject, in doing C.Alphonso's genealogy, the trail has become circular, bending back on its end point, him. It seems that Al was LaSalle in another life. This possibility had presented itself, but was, also, very troubling. Since the revelation, Al has taken French lessons and will communicate only in that Latin language while holding his arms outstretched as if claiming the river again and again.

The picture was taken yesterday at his family's barbecue.

This post has been a relief to me. I'd hate to pass on holding this knowledge and not sharing it. The world is a weird place. Stuff happens all the time. Keep your eyes opened, be alert, and most important, be careful because somewhere, there may be a subterranean stairwell that the government has failed to seal.

Sincerely, Steve

PS: It has been brought to my attention that Professor Lueck was picked up this morning by several Men in Black.