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Chaising Trains: Following the Louisiana Delta

The Louisiana Delta is a local short line railroad. Here, I'm going to use it as a tour guide since I'm very poor at organization. Below is from the railroad's website. We'll be visiting the 7 locations and looking around much as I tried to do in the "Seeking the SP" write. Unfortunately that project went dead in Morgan City. Not even my 2 readers were following along. Only out of an urge to peck am I doing this. Let's get started.

LDRR operates seven disconnected lines in southern Louisiana. The lines total over 100

miles and branch off the UP/BNSF joint track at points between Lafayette and Raceland, LA.

The branch lines are as follows:

1) Breaux Bridge Package
(includes Breaux Bridge Branch,
Lafayette Commercial, Elks and Powerhouse Spurs

2) Midland Branch – New Iberia to Abbeville with Pesspon and Salt Mine Spurs

3) MOP line – serves two sugar mills in New Iberia

4) ARA Spur – serves Acadiana Regional Airport facility in New Iberia

5) Cypremort Branch – Baldwin to Cypremort,

6) Bayou Sale Branch – Bayou Sale to North Bend

7) Lockport Branch – Raceland to Jay.

LDRR has a transload facility at Schriever.

In addition, LDRR has trackage rights on UP/BNSF main line between Raceland and Lake


Traffic includes carbon black, salt, rice, sugar, molasses, oilfield chemicals and

supplies, pipe, fertilizer, and bauxite ore.