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Train Chase: Big Chief Meets Miss Sunset Limited

I'd been out at the west end of the Lafayette yard because

there is a 1 ft. x 1 ft. patch of shade there and I was having

helmet and earphone issues. I heard there was a KCS train

on the east end. I imagined one of their drab faded gray/blue

old tugs. No, a Big Chief was in full war paint and head dress.

Since it is Football Season I'll let you in on a little known

fact. The Kansas City Chiefs were originally the Dallas Texans

of the American Football League. They moved. I would, too.

Back to Big Chief and the Braves.

I, because I knew, knew that Big Chief had to wait.

Which meant I had to wait too. I rode around to my secret

road and looked at his pod ners. Yep, that's what I expected.

And a couple of B .... N ... S ... F... Ers

This is looking into the gut of the yard.

It should read "BNSF RR". Was BN here prior to the merger

or is it just an abbreviated sign? Channel 12 is my station.

Two important switches here, the 101 and the 902.

Test shot. This is the University St. underpass. It is near

the intersection of US 90 and La.182 or University and Cameron Sts.

Yep, Big Chief hadn't moved.

Show time. Here came Miss Sunset Limited.

Running lights? No. I waited and waited and left.

Then I heard the horns. I was on the opposite side of University,

a very busy road. I reversed and went to the opposite side of the

underpass which turned out to be a much better place and out

of the way. I would have been right on top of the switch and too


Lights, camera, action:

He seemed to be working way to hard for the 21'st Century.

Big Chief was underway.

Across the University underpass she sped. Actually, he

was creeping. Ah, there was a 25 mph speed limit in force.

That's my bike if you need a size reference. I may have

27 horsepower. They may have 3500 or 4K, each?

I can still beat them.

I jumped on the DR and rode along with Big Chief and his braves.

Headed to St. Antoine St.

I figured the depot would make a good backdrop. I forgot

about the evening sun.

I salvaged these pretty poor shots.

Then I putted over to the Schilling Shack. The crippled

car and her buddy were still there. That's been since Friday.

Then I hauled it to the alligator shinning parking lot. I had

plenty of time but wasted it and this shot stunk. You don't

have an alligator skinning parking lot where you live?

I tried to make up with this one. There she goes headed

to the Vermillion River (2 LL's) bridge and points east.

She was still going very slow. Temptation nipped. With my

luck, she'd hit 60 and I couldn't get off until Avondale.